Year: <span>2018</span>

Food industry – manufacturing plant

An Occupational Hygiene Survey was performed at a frozen dough and confectionary manufacturer situated in Atlantis. Stressors monitored during the survey included exposure to noise, flour dust, and cold stress in the production and distribution areas of the factory. Additional services offered were Indoor Air Quality monitoring in the office areas, Ventilation in different parts of the factory, as well as a Baseline Ergonomics Risk Assessment.




Mining industry –

Occupational Hygiene Surveys are performed in the Southern Cape, Garden Route, Boland and West Coast areas at a variety of quarries, including brickworks, gravel, and stone. Stressors mainly focussed on during these surveys include exposure to noise, alpha quartz (silica), and thermal stress (hot and cold) during day-to-day production activities. …

Stack emission monitoring –

Food industry – Coal boiler survey 2018

Three Coal boilers providing steam to a large fruit processing plant runs 24 hours per day. All three of these boilers had a design capacity of more than 10 megawatt (MW) but less than 50MW. According to Gazette No. 37054 amended on 22 November 2013, the contaminant emission limits pertaining to Combustion Installations with design capacity of less than 50MW heat input per unit are not listed. However, on 1 November 2013, the minister of Water and Environmental Affairs published a Notice whereby she declared small boilers (>10MW and <50MW) as controlled emitters and also established emission standards for small boilers in terms of section 24 of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004.

machine industry – Coal boiler survey 2018

The facility is responsible for the storage and refinement of used oil to be used in heavy machinery and boilers. They use their Small Boilers (>10MW and <50MW) to create steam to ensure sufficient viscosity by heating of their product being stored or being transported within pipes.

metal industry – Coal boiler survey 2018

The client performs Hot Dip Galvanizing (Subcategory 4.22: Hot Dip Galvanizing). That is to say, processes that involves the coating of steel articles with zinc using molten zinc, including the pickling and/or fluxing of articles before coating. They also perform Metal Spraying of Zinc, which is listed under Metal Spray (Subcategory 4.23: Metal Spray) process, that is to say, processes that involve the coating of metals with zinc using molten zinc.

paper industry – Coal boiler survey 2018

This client manufactures cardboard material and uses steam from their Small Coal Fired Boiler to create steam in their production process. The boiler runs 24/7 and is also classified as a small boiler (>10MW and <50MW) which is a controlled emitter as established in terms of section 24 of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004.