EXCO Services


Riaan le Roux
Director/ Founder

As an aspiring marine scientist, Riaan studied a B.Sc. at the University of Stellenbosch, majoring in Zoology and Animal Physiology. After completing his degree in 1993, he joined the Occupational Health Department of Iscor and was stationed in Newcastle, KZN. As an apprentice in industrial hygiene, Riaan acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience whilst working in one of the largest steel works in South Africa. Following a stint of almost 4 years in the iron and steel industry, a move was made back to Cape Town, where he joined a local occupational hygiene consultancy. During this period, Riaan applied his skill in various industries throughout South Africa and was also successfully registered as an Occupational Hygiene Technologist with SAIOH. In 2003, he successfully passed the SAIOH exam as an Occupational Hygienist and shortly thereafter, started EXCO Services. Riaan enjoys the great outdoors and you will regularly find him wandering along a hiking trail or playing a round of golf.

Thato Liphoto
Environmental Monitoring Specialist & Occupational Hygiene Assistant
With a background of Chemical Engineering obtained from the University of Johannesburg, for the past years I have built my Chemical Engineering career within the power generation sector and various manufacturing sectors. My focus is on the monitoring and control of various harmful emissions to the environment. Over the years I have gained a vast experience in environmental monitoring in different industrial processes and ever since my skills set have expanded significantly. I have learned the importance of adhering to standards and good engineering practices in all sectors. I joined EXCO Services in 2020 where I work with a team of professionals as an Environmental Monitoring Specialist. The work I do at EXCO Services adheres to the standards set in ISO 17025. I have met many people and built strong professional working relationships which have taught me to think about the bigger picture. I am looking to further building on my skills as I believe learning, knowledge, and experience is a continuous lifelong journey.
Le Roux Bothma
Occupational Hygienist

I am originally from Durban but was drawn to the Western Cape by the allure of Cape Town's lifestyle and beauty. I currently work as an Occupational Hygienist, alongside a fantastic group of colleagues known for their unwavering support, talent, and dedication.

My academic journey began at Stellenbosch University, where I pursued a BA degree in Development and Environment, mainly focusing on Geography and Development Management. Over time, I expanded my studies to include Financial and Cost Accounting, Project Management, Economics, and Sustainable Development. This led to my BCom Hons in Public Development Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management from the same university.

I entered the Occupational Hygiene field following an internship at EXCO Services in 2014, and since then, I have advanced to my current position as an SAIOH registered Occupational Hygienist with a Chamber of Mines Certificate in Mine Environmental Control. My specialization lies in Mine Environmental Monitoring and Control, and I fulfill the role of the Section 12.1 Appointee at various open-cast mines in the Western Cape.

Within the dynamic realm of Occupational Hygiene, I see an exciting landscape of continuous learning and growth. The ever-changing nature of this field presents fresh opportunities for all practitioners. To me, these challenges are like stepping stones for innovation, and each day is a chance to make workplaces safer.

Lizette Greeff
Occupational Hygienist

“Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and the more self-confidence you will have.”   I am a born and bred Gauteng local but traded my big city shoes after matric to study Health and Skin Care in Stellenbosch. However, this was not part of the bigger plan, and I was fortunate enough to start my life as a full-time student again at the age of 24 in Potchefstroom.   I completed my BSc degree in Physiology and Biochemistry, followed by my Honours degree in Physiology, and finally my Master’s Degree in Occupational Hygiene at the North West University’s Potchefstroom Campus.   I have always been told that I will be a lifelong student, and I would love to still undertake the daunting task of a PhD degree. 😉   EXCO Services has been my home for a little bit over a year now, where I am employed as a SAIOH registered Occupational Hygiene Assistant. I am slowly but surely working myself up to the professional level of an Occupational Hygienist by experiencing a diversity of industries in the Western Cape. In my free time I love to read, participate in the variety of Parkrun’s in and around Cape Town on a Saturday, as well as spending time with my family and friends.

Linri Pretorius
Occupational Hygienist

I had the privilege of growing up in the coastal town of Mossel Bay, where my love for the ocean was instilled. While I initially pursued a BSc in Conservation Ecology at Stellenbosch University, I soon found my passion aligned with a different path.

My educational background in science provided me with a strong foundation, enabling me to delve into the intricate field of occupational hygiene. After completing my degree, I started my career at EXCO Services in Cape Town. Here, I had the privilege of learning from experienced colleagues and growing through various roles, ultimately earning my qualification as an occupational hygienist in 2020.

In 2021, I decided to call the town of Langebaan my new home, allowing me the flexibility to work remotely on certain days. When I'm not working, you'll find me cherishing moments with my family. We enjoy afternoon walks to the beach where we get to enjoy watching the sun set over the lagoon. When I have time to spare, I also enjoy oil painting.

My journey has allowed me to combine a solid scientific background with occupational hygiene, ultimately driving me to make a positive impact in the field and the lives of those I serve.

Melinda Bezuidenhout
Occupational Hygiene Technologist

Earth and nature has always been my passion. During my tertiary education at the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU for CHE), currently known as the North West University, I completed a BSc Degree in Zoology and Physiology. My goal at that stage was to complete a postgraduate degree in Marine Biology. However, during my undergraduate studies, the Physiology Department introduced me to Occupational Hygiene, which was a relatively new and upcoming field in South Africa. After some consideration, I decided to complete my BSc Honours degree in Industrial Physiology.
In 1992, I joined the Department of Mineral Affairs as an industrial technologist, and obtained extensive experience in the mining industry. After a few years, I was fortunate enough to relocate to Saldanha Bay, situated on the West Coast of South Africa, where I joined ArcelorMittal (previously known as Saldanha Steel) as part of the initial Project Team. During this time, I was responsible for environmental management, occupational hygiene management and the implementation of the ISO 14001 Management System, as well as OHSAS 18001.
I joined EXCO Services in 2004, a small company with a dynamic team of very knowledgeable, energetic, and supportive members, and it gave me the opportunity to gain work experience in a vast number of industries, ranging from agriculture, fisheries, petrochemical, as well as the wine making industry.
Fortunately, in my free time, I am still able to live out my passion for earth, nature and marine biology, by involving my time and energy into a small aquafarm situated on the West Coast.

Stacey Carelse
Occupational Hygiene Technologist

I grew up in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. In high school, I discovered my love for science, and I knew that I wanted to pursue a career within the field one day.

In 2018 I completed my BTech degree in Environmental Health at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology focusing on Occupational Hygiene, as well as Food and Meat Hygiene. Initially I aspired to become an Environmental Health Practitioner, as I enjoyed working with people and making a difference in their lives. However, while studying, I found that I enjoyed Occupational Hygiene and that working in this field I would also be able to make a difference in peoples lives by helping to create a healthier working environment.

In 2019, I was lucky enough to start my internship at EXCO Services. Since starting at here, I have been exposed to a wide array of industries and I continue to learn so much from my team members.

In my free time I love reading; watching series and spending time with my cat.

Dahné Janse van Rensburg
Occupational Hygienist

Since I was little I have always had an interest in animals, nature and geography. After school I studied at Stellenbosch University and completed a B.Sc. (Geology: Applied Earth Sciences) degree with Zoology and Geology as my main subjects. During my undergraduate years, I developed a keen interest in herpetology, and went on to complete my M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Zoology, which focused on the ecology of cordylid lizards. In August 2010, I joined the EXCO Services team with very little knowledge of occupational hygiene. Despite starting my career in an occupation outside my field of expertise, I found the work to be quite enjoyable. Being surrounded by knowledgeable and supportive team members, I have gained valuable experience in this field and have since worked my way up to the level of Occupational Hygienist. Working at EXCO offers a good balance between office and field work, and the diverse range of clients keeps the job very interesting. I do, however, still have a passion for the great outdoors, and enjoy camping in off the beaten track locations.

Yolandi Breedt
Administrative Officer & Occupational Hygiene Assistant

I grew up in Sasolburg, a small town in the far north of the Free State.  After coming on holiday to Cape Town as a little girl, I immediately fell in love with the energy and culture that Cape Town had to offer.  I knew that I had do make it a goal of mine to come and live here one day.  After I matriculated, I went on to further my studies in Psychology and Sociology at the North West University in Potchefstroom.  As the years went by, I never gave up on my dream to move to Cape Town and was completely bowled over when I was welcomed to the EXCO family in December 2018.   I feel absolutely blessed to be part of this awesome, hardworking team.

Considering that I have a great love for health sciences and helping others, I will continuously work hard to broaden my horizons in the field of Occupational Hygiene.

In my free time, I like spending time with my friends and family.  Having a love for music, I enjoy going to concerts whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Gert Schoeman
Occupational Hygiene Technologist

I am the “Oom” in the EXCO Services Team and the latest member of the Cape Town based consultancy. Born and bred in the Orange Free State, I attended the University of Pretoria (TUKS) for a short period of time. Enrolled in BSc (Agric) but unfortunately, could not complete my studies. Following my stint at TUKS, I joined the South African National Defence Force, where I made the rank of Platoon Sargeant (Corporal). Thereafter, I was employed by ISCOR, where my career in Occupational Hygiene started as an assistant. During my career, I was fortunate enough to work for several Occupational Hygiene Consultancies such as OHTEC, SHELink, Gijima, NOSA and EXCO Services – Gauteng, before I made my way to Cape Town.

I now have 30 years of experience in the field of Occupational Hygiene, with extensive knowledge in both the Industrial and Mining sectors, as well as in handling and demolition of Asbestos.

Elardus French
Occupational Hygiene Assistant

I grew up in the platinum district of Rustenburg, North West where I discovered my love for the science of Occupational Hygiene. After school I decided to pursue a career in Occupational Hygiene which led me to the North West University (PUK), where I completed my BSc (Honours) in Occupational Hygiene. Exco Services has recently adopted me as their newest addition to the team and I look forward to growing exponentially. I have a great love for photography in, especially drone photography, and it is also the drive behind my impulsive adventures on weekends.